The Compelling Story Behind Jessie Kol's New Single "Something on Your Mind"

August 12, 2016

When offered the opportunity to record a song for a major motion picture company to consider using in their upcoming movie, Jessie Kol decided to take a shot and jump at the chance. What came out of the experience ended up being what Jessie Kol considers one of their finest and most emotional recordings yet. Breathing new life into the 1971 Karen Dalton original, Jessie Kol blends Americana roots instrumentation with stunning vocal performance, giving the listener a mesmerizing and impassioned music experience.

Jessie Kol's new song "Something On Your Mind" is a beautifully moving song with the simple yet profound message, "never give up." As the lyric repeats, "you can't make it without ever even trying."

Jessie Kol says, "We were asked to record this song for Disney's remake of the classic movie Pete's Dragon. We decided to take the risk and pour our hearts into recreating this beautiful song that had a simple message of never giving up and persevering in spite of what you feel. We soon heard back from the executive in charge of music and found out that our song was a top contender for the spot in the movie and we were thrilled! In the end, however, they decided to go a different direction. We were disappointed, but we felt strongly that the song had a message that needed to be heard, so we decided to turn it into our next musical release. We feel this song is a reflection of our own lives and we're sure many others will be able to identify with it's message, as well. We all face hardship and have the choice to give up or keep going."

You can download Jessie Kol's new single on iTunes and Amazon now! It's also available on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

About Jessie Kol

Jessie Kol, a husband-wife musical duo from Nashville Tennessee, love making music together. They share an unlikely story of love and romance, and the music they make often reflects that.
Jessie and Perry's story began in North Carolina where Perry, an audio engineer and resigned guitar player, started recording song demos of Jessie at a performing arts school located in Raleigh. Their shared passion for making music collided after Perry relocated to Nashville and began recording Jessie in "Music City." It was during this time that Jessie and Perry fell in love and got married. They eventually decided to merge their musical talents, with Perry taking up the guitar again, to form the duo. 
Jessie's lush, soothing and sweet vocals combined with Perry's guitar playing and audio production expertise seem to make the perfect pairing for this musical duo. Jessie Kol loves taking old classics and making them new again. Their latest singles “Unchained Melody” and “Can't Help Falling in Love” are an example of that - two all time favorite and classic love songs, given a fresh new take!


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